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Добрый день! Получили посылку.
У меня слов не хватает,  как выразить  то что я чувствую. Вещи ОЧЕНЬ понравились! Качество 5+ (по 5- ти бальной системе) . Ни где ни какие нитки не торчат, строчки ровные и аккуратные, цвет яркий.! Малые в восторге! 
Спасибо Вам огромное!


Заказывала в подарок куртку. понравилась. швы ровные. лучше чем на фото. Хочу сказать огромное спасибо менеджеру магазина. По своей невнимательности указала неправильное ФИО получателя и менеджер дополнительно ходил и писал заявление на почту. Очень мало таких отзывчивых менеджеров в наше время. Буду заказывать еще, только теперь внимательнее :)


Сегодня получили кофту!) Заказ. №694. Спасибо большое,очень классная!!! И размер кстати 130,что даже лучше!:) В общем очень рады!Всего Вам хорошего и спасибо за помощь!!!)


Добрый день! получила вчера свой заказ. Первый раз заказываю с вашего сайта. Качество на первый взгляд хорошее, швы ровные. Брала все в подарок. Цены радуют.Удивил неожиданный подарочек-носочки. спасибо за внимание и отзывчивость, ответили на все вопросы при заказе.

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Качественная и модная куртка пр. Корея. Мех исскуственный. Полноценный размер.

Dalanoroar 09.12.2019

Candidal vaginitis is the second most common vaginal infection (1, 2). . test were negative and symptoms of candida were mild, treatment was delayed until .. Bahadoran P, Rokni FK, Fahami F. Investigating the therapeutic effect of vaginal
yeast infection

Romondopeax 06.12.2019

A 1% hydrocortisone cream can be applied to small, itchy spots. of the skin such as athletes foot, jock itch, ringworm, and seborrhea (dry, flaking skin). . Antiviral Cream Over The Counter: Acheter des MГ©dicaments en ligne au meilleur prix.
itchy red patches on skin spreading

GammaBaks 01.12.2019

Как излечить ? - ворлд оф танкс

Bodimem 27.11.2019

Fibromatosis is a condition where fibrous overgrowths of dermal and subcutaneous Palmar (Dupuytren contracture) and plantar (Ledderhose disease)
ledderhose disease

DelicRix 27.11.2019

TD Canada Trust offers My Accounts to efficiently send money, pay bills, or make a transfer. Register online EasyWeb Online Banking. Login Make a transfer · Make a You decide how much you want to save and how often. We take care
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Buy this product as Renewed and save в‚№ 577.00 from the regular price. (Renewed) Nokia 130 DS (Black, 8GB) в‚№ 1,298.00 (2) Minimal to no signs of wear and
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Set out a pre-bait in the areas of your house where you have seen the most amount of ant activity. . As he Ant-Man (2015) Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. The ants
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Baradseap 31.10.2019

Severe itching; Tenderness; Pain; Sleep disturbances; Anxiety and/or depression Physical deformity as a result of skin scar contractures also can be functionally disabling. including the depth and size of the wound, its location, and the age, sex, ethnicity How often will I need to receive treatment to remove my scars?
how to get rid of acne and acne scars naturally

Uhooarep 22.10.2019

A 2014 analysis conducted by Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. showed that the average cost per pet to prevent dental disease is just one-third of the average cost of treating dental disease. More importantly, a complete oral examination can detect hidden health problems.
How much does it cost for dentures

FukoSype 02.10.2019

haloperidol is 60 to 70%, corresponding to a monthly dose of haloperidol on the dose (25 to 400 mg equivalents of haloperidol), at the end of injection period.
is haldol a controlled substance

Mugovox 26.09.2019

19 Nov 2015 Dermatofibroma, abbreviated DF, is a common benign skin lesion. It is also known as benign fibrous histiocytoma and fibrous histiocytoma.

MikoDype 26.09.2019

Psoriasis can also cause inflammation and pain in your joints, tendons, and ligaments. About one in three patients with psoriasis develop psoriatic arthritis . Patients with psoriasis are at an elevated risk for contracting other conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, osteoporosis, liver disease, diabetes , and more.
Types of psoriasis in children

JoniMus 25.09.2019

15 Mar 2013 Why Does My Toilet Smell Like A Sewer - There could several reasons for Bad Smell? The toilet attaches to the below drain pipe through two different seals. it could allow for some fumes to back-draft into the bathroom.
How to fix a leaky bathroom sink faucet

Villaniz 16.09.2019

2 hours ago Airmen 1st Class Brittany Wright and Tiffany Duffus, 21st Operational Other Social Media Wright and Duffus are a strong example of this.
What does social class mean

Craftbab 11.09.2019

Minecraft: Playstation 3 and on Android devices at Google Play, on a Kindle Fire at Amazon, or for Windows phones at the Microsoft Store. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition can be purchased from the Microsoft Store. A free copy of the game is available f
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ETHfat 18.07.2019

After a major downside correction, bitcoin cash price found support above $360 against the US Dollar. The BCH/USD pair started a steady recovery and recently broke the $380 and $390 resistance levels. The pair is currently trading near $400, above which the bulls are likely to take control in the near term.
bitcoin market cap

Cepsaub 13.07.2019

The parent company of crypto exchange Poloniex made the surprise announcement on its website on June 13. Circle says now is the appropriate time to retire Circle Pay because fiat tokens and stablecoins such as USD Coin (USDC) enable people to seamlessly transfer fiat value over blockchains without the risk of cryptocurrency volatility.
bitcoin paper wallet

QrltaM 06.07.2019

Now I do get botox for crows feet and also botox in my forhead for those pesky forehead lines and noticed that i for sure am due for the forehead botox and my eyes look great I dont need the botox...yet. My last injection was in December so by now my eyes would need a little help but from using this oil for a month my eyes look great!!! I so wish i had been using it on my forehead the entire
Frontalis botox injection sites

Yulkic 04.07.2019

Whether you love gel manicures a little too much or have a not-so-great habit of biting your nails, damaged nails can ruin a manicure. No matter how you got there, dry, peeling nails don’t just
Flaky nails

TenFade 01.07.2019

You take biotin? That strengthens nails and also helps hair. YMMV. Yep your right it does cycle. I was always having major hair shedding during random times over the years and asked doc and she explained how hormones can cycle and change major changes. Li
Daily biotin intake

DOLIFaw 26.06.2019

Read the latest med spa reviews and testimonials for VITAHL Medical Aesthetics in Chicago, Illinois! Call 312-634-6100 today to set up an appointment.
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EGGOver 21.06.2019

Emergency Dental Care from Aspects Dental based in Milton Keynes: To Get An Emergency Dentist Appointment please call Aspects Dental in Milton Keynes on 01908 506199 and select Option 1 . To Book an Emergency Dentist Appointment Online, please visit our Online Booking System or Request A Call Back .
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Tesmon 18.06.2019

Oil Pulling Before and After with Teeth “I decided to try oil pulling as a natural alternative to whiten my teeth as opposed to commercial products that use harsh chemicals. Just brushing my teeth wasnt good enough to keep the plaque from building up on my teeth, and after a few hours, I could feel a grimy feeling on my teeth.
Home remedies to get rid of tartar on teeth

Bimtuh 17.06.2019

If youre not supplementing your child for medical reasons, experts recommend breastfeeding for at least one month before starting formula. Waiting at
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WINWek 15.06.2019

Atlas of suturing techniques approaches to surgical wound laceration and plastic surgery.pdf 32.02 MB еЏЇиѓЅж„џе…ґи¶Јпјљ plastic approaches laceration techniques suturing surgery surgical Understanding Medical Surgical Nursing - Williams, Linda, Hopper, Paula .pdf
Getting wisdom teeth out

Nonihar 10.06.2019

Other types of anxiety disorders include panic disorder, social anxiety, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, separation anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Because anxiety has such a wide range of signs and symptoms, it can be difficult to diagnose, according to Christen Sistrunk , a licensed professional counselor in Texas who specializes in treating anxiety disorders.
anxiety attack treatment

Suttiwah 10.06.2019

Our vet prescribed this for a yeast infection on our dogs stomach from licking when anxious. It helped right away and I soon figured out this was something I wanted to always have on hand. It also was used to treat a yeast infection in his ears with equal results. Highly Recommend
Antibiotics cause yeast infection

Uharaw 07.06.2019

Link purchase lincocin 40 mg cod Link nobuy femara us no prescription Link cheapest aricept without prescription Link buy librium in connecticut Link get online sinequan delivery purchase Link buying generic mircette without prescription Link cheap sineq
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CocoFierm 07.06.2019

If you need guidance on which foods to avoid and how to manage your diet to avoid gas-forming foods, ask your doctor for a referral to a dietitian. Warnings Most of the time, gas and related discomfort resolves in time or with the help of home remedies, and does not require medical attention.
Prenatal acupuncture near me

Pozzivat 27.05.2019

This guide introduces the therapeutic and diagnostic nature of reflexology, and shows how this therapeutic foot massage can redress imbalances of energy in the body, relieving stress and promoting health and well-being.
Massage and reflexology

Berngaugs 19.05.2019

Kaiser told Cuomo that Romulus is predominantly agricultural and tourism-centered “and the specter of installing the state’s largest trash-burning project in our town has already hurt the town
Painful burning tongue

Manydepe 15.02.2018

В интернете немало полезных заметок о пикантном положении и роддомах, но они какие-то бестолковые. Недостает наименований перинатальных центров, адресов, советов настоящих врачей. А желательно бы увидеть последнюю информацию, жизненную в этом году – с свежими технологиями, тарифами и новостями.
Идеально, чтобы вдобавок и полезная инфа для будущих и настоящих мам. Все это обнаружила собственно тут. Четко, конкретно, с примерами из реалистичной жизни, консультациями специалистов. Зачастую захожу на сайт, если чадо болеет.
как самостоятельно определить пол ребёнка

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